With a web presence established in 1999 behind us, we recently decided is was time to reflect on and sharpen our intentions for this website. In doing so, we found aspects of the site that have remained consistent with our intentions, and other aspects that have not. After considerable deliberation, we decided a top-to-bottom reboot was in order. After several months of discovering, dreaming, and designing (and untold moments of frustration) we are ready to roll out the first component of the reboot.

With this post, we are opening the site to those who are participants in courses or webinars or are consulting or coaching clients. If you have received an email with a link and password providing access to Learning2Connect, please use them to access your webspace and the resources available to you there.

Thank you for visiting us and working with us. We expect to bring public resources on line again in the very near future. If you are on our mailing list, we will notify you when that occurs.

Thank you for your patronage.